If you are puzzled and need some clever tips about new garage doors, materials and openers, scroll down here

Garage door opens fast

If you think the garage door is opening too quickly, then it is time to check the belt or the chain of the opener depending on what is in use. It must be tightened gently and you might need assistance from our expert technicians as they should not be too tight.

Noisy opener when opening

If the opener makes a lot of noise while opening the garage door, then perhaps the door is not balanced well or the springs are broken. Use the emergency release handle and disconnect the door and the motor, if the door stays in place without crashing down, then the springs are fine. Otherwise the springs need to be replaced.

Disengage the opener when you provide garage door maintenance

This is one of the simplest yet most effective safety measures. You should disconnect the device from its power source first. It is best to disconnect it from the door as well. Just make sure that you know how to connect it again once you are done with the maintenance work.

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