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What is the right way to inspect garage door parts?

First you need to disconnect the power from the power source after turning off the opener's motor. Check the tracks, springs, pulleys, cables and other parts for any visible signs of wear and tear. If you do notice anything then report them to our experienced technicians.

Which type of door opener is right for me?

It really depends on your garage door and your personal preferences. A chain drive opener is well suited for a heavy wooden door while most metal garage doors can do with just any type of opener. A jackshaft opener is perfect for those garages with little head room.

What are the typical sizes of residential garage doors?

The standard heights of garage doors are 7 feet to 9 feet and 8 feet to 20 feet wide. However, there are custom sized doors to fit any door size. You can request custom sized doors based on your needs and preferences.

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