Door Ready for the Winter

Door Ready for the Winter

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With the winter season comes cold wind chills that your garage door should be prepared for.  This is the time for holiday cheer with family and friends; it is not a time to stress over a malfunction door. It is best to be prepared beforehand. Here are some guidelines to make sure your overhead garage door is winter-ready.Door Ready for the Winter

Keep It Lubricated

The first thing to do is always ensure that your door is lubricated. Such components as the hinges and rollers can lose lubrication by cold temperature. It will also begin to move sluggishly if not thoroughly lubricated. Spray a metal-friendly lubricant on your garage door parts, but avoid spraying the tracks.

Adjust Your Opener As Needed

Needed adjustments should be made to your opener. The garage door openers usually need more power to function properly during cold climates. Snow, sleek, and ice on the ground commonly causes the bottom of the door to stick to it. The opener has to work much harder in order to pull open a door that is stuck to the ground.

Properly Insulate Your Door

As you know, it can get pretty cold during the winter months. To keep all of the cold wind outside of your garageand ultimately outside of the home, your garage door should be properly insulated. This will also help you save on the energy bill because you won’t have to run the heater as much.

Give It a Good Washing

You should wash your door yearly to remove dirt, grind, and grease. This will give it a clean and fresh look. Makes sure you pay close attention to the weather stripping. Use warm water, soap, and a brush.As long as you keep the stripping lubricated, it won’t stick to the ground as much.

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